Rescue Program

Palm Valley Animal Center is pleased to offer this alternative placement option for the animals from the Rio Grande Valley. Many animal shelters lack the ability to place animals with rescue organizations. Often, impoundment facilities see themselves as just a holding facility or, worse yet, as just the dog pound. PVAC has worked hard to develop and implement an advanced rescue program. Through this program we have been able to successfully transfer thousands of animals to reputable animal rescue organizations throughout Texas and beyond.

Our rescue personnel drive an average of 2,500 to 3,000 miles a month delivering animals to San Antonio, Austin, Houston and everywhere in between! Our rescue program personnel work tirelessly to place as many animals as possible.

This incredibly proactive approach to working with rescue organizations has greatly increased our live release rate. Establishing contact with reputable rescue organizations is important to us on behalf of the animals that come in to our facility.

To the rescue groups:

We thank you! We appreciate all the effort from the dedicated individuals who run rescue organizations. We recognize that rescue organizations play a major role in re-homing pets and helping increase the live release rate at our facility.

If you are a rescue organization interested in pulling from our facility, please, review our Rescue Program Policy, complete a Rescue Organization Application and submit it to us for review. There is no fee for approved rescue organizations to pull from our facility.

Transportation assistance for our rescue animals to approved rescue organizations is limited, due to high demand, however we will if we can.

Please email or fax a completed Rescue Organization Application along with the necessary requested documents. Please direct your questions, comments, or concerns to one of our Rescue Facilitators:


Chris Sotelo or Aurelia Torres: