Local Animal Rescue Organizations

There are numerous local rescue organizations. This list is not all inclusive but includes organizations that we have worked with. These organizations are non-profit groups that work solely on donations from the public. Some organizations may charge an intake fee to receive an animal. The needs of Hidalgo County are great and many of these organizations operate at, or near, capacity.

Please, keep in mind that many of these individuals are very busy and very few, if any, are readily available via phone. Email is, typically, the most efficient means of communicating with these rescue organizations.


Cinderella Pet Rescue
Contact: Suzanne Herzing
Email: equipuppy@sbcglobal.net
Ph: 956-583-6557


ForGotten Friends Texas Rescue
Contact: Christine Compton
Email: info@forgotten-friends.org
Ph: 956- 605-7004


Recycled Rovers and Friends
Contact: Dezi Cantu
Email: dcantu@recycledrovers.org
Ph: 956-402-7902


TipofTex K9 Rescue
Contact: Dee Labunski
Email: labunski@aol.com
Ph: 956- 245-4809


Angel’s Pet Rescue
Contact: Lavice Laney
Email: llaneyll@aol.com
Ph: 956-371-7320


Brownsville Animal Defense
Contact: Tessie Saramiento
Email: info@brownsvilleanimaldefense.com
Ph: 956-546-7328


Brownsville S.P.C.A.
Contact: Sibyl Simpson
Email: bspca78523@aol.com
Ph: 956-572-7732 / 956-572-7843


Brownsville PAWS
Contact: Edgar Trevino
Email: brownsvillepaws@gmail.com
Ph: 956-542-7297


If you run a rescue organization and would like to be added to this list please contact one of our Rescue Facilitators:

Chris Sotelo or Aurelia Torres: