Humane Education

Education is the key to preventing cruelty and neglect. The sooner we can reach young people with the message of compassion towards animals, the more the animals and our community will benefit.

Palm Valley Animal Center is committed to educating the public on issues relating to animal welfare providing a variety of programs for the community.  We conduct presentations at schools, service clubs, women’s groups in addition to various religious groups.

Presentations include the following:

  • Caring for your pet
  • The basics of responsible pet ownership
  • Effective identification for your pets
  • Establishing preventative veterinary care
  • The importance of spaying/neutering pets.

Power Point presentations are provided for an assortment of curriculums.  Educational literature is provided for students of all ages from pre-kinder to University students.  Comprehensive activities are provided for elementary school students.

Upon request, we can attend events throughout the Rio Grande Valley to share with the community the importance of pet health, the myths and facts about spaying or neutering  and of necessity of maintaining pet vaccinations for the life of your pets.

If you are interested in a scheduling a presentation, contact our Director of Development:

Rebeca Villanueva
956-686-1141 ext. 31
or email our Education Department at: