Admitting Department

Hours of business:
Monday – Saturday: 9:00am – 6:00pm.
Sunday: 10:00am – 4:00pm.

Information Required to Release Your Pet:
A valid I.D. is required when picking up your pet.

Proof of Ownership in the way of:
Rabies vaccination from a veterinarian licensed to practice veterinary medicine in the United States. The rabies vaccine must be current.

A visible current photo of your pet in the form of a picture or a copy of a picture. We rarely accept cell phone photos and they are handled on a case by case basis depending on quality and clarity. This policy is in place to protect your animals from theft, please be patient.

Admitting Fees Are As Follows:
Without proof of rabies vaccination: $40.00 dollars impoundment fee and $5 per day boarding. (If you return with proof of rabies vaccination, within 5 working days, we will refund $25 of this fee). Please understand that Texas state law mandates all animals to be current on the rabies vaccination at all times. When possible, we can attempt to contact veterinary offices to obtain verification of current rabies vaccination in lieu of an actual rabies certificate.

With proof of rabies vaccination: $15.00 dollars impoundment fee and $5 per day boarding.

These fees must be paid before releasing your pet. Fees will be paid in the form of cash, check, or credit card. If you pay with cash you should have the exact amount required.

WE DO NOT ACCEPT $100 DOLLAR BILLS. We do not accept out of state or temporary checks.

If your pet was picked up by animal control you might have a citation with your city. In the event there is a citation on your pet you will be required to obtain the citation from the animal control officer who picked up your pet prior to the release of your pet.

Make sure if you do get a citation to bring your citation with you as well, as the other requirements.

We do require this information before releasing any pet. This is for your safety as well as ours to protect getting them returned to the rightful owner.

Phone: 956-686-1141 (Extension 27 or 28)